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A Great Font App to Boost Designers' Efficiency

An efficient Font app is essential for designers. Imagine having to download, install, and manage 1,000 fonts on your computer. How much time would you spend installing them and scrolling through endless dropdown lists to find the right one? A Font app can save you from this hassle by helping you find, manage, and use fonts effortlessly. In this article, I'll introduce how a great Font app can enhance designers' work efficiency.


Quick Search/Filter/Group Fonts

Selecting Fonts: Even with thousands of fonts, you can quickly filter and find the one you need. In our Font app, simply type the font's name in the search bar, and you'll find it instantly. Additionally, the app offers style filtering options. Imagine the style you're looking for: Serif or Sans Serif? Gothic or Roman? Minimalist or Mechanical? Click on the tags, and let the magical Font app organize the fonts you want, supporting multiple filters.


Managing Fonts: The Font app records your recently used fonts in the "recent" category for easy access. You can also click the star icon to add fonts to "My favourite." The Font app provides a customizable library for your fonts, allowing you to group them as you like. Next time you use the Font app, you can find fonts according to your preferences.


Google Fonts Available Free with One Click

Free Fonts: The Font app featured in this article includes over 6,600 Google Fonts and other fonts. Notably, all these fonts in the Font app are free and open source.


One-Click Use: Using fonts in the Font app is incredibly convenient. Just click the dot next to the font to activate it, and you can use it immediately. No need to download or install fonts. When you exit the Font app, these fonts will leave your computer, freeing up your memory.


Mobile Office: Since fonts in the Font app are activated online, you can continue using them even if you switch computers. Just log into your account on the Font app, making it highly convenient for designers who need to work on the go.

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Compatible with Design Software Such as PS, AI, etc.

Software Compatibility: Fonts activated in the Font app will appear in the font selection menu of design software. For commonly used design software, you don't even need to click the font selection menu. Just select the text or layer you want to change and click the font in the Font app to apply it directly.


Software Compatible with One-Click Font Change:

  • Design Software: Photoshop (PS), Illustrator (AI), InDesign (ID), XD, Figma, Sketch, CorelDRAW (CDR)
  • Video Software: Premiere Pro (PR), After Effects (AE), Final Cut Pro
  • Office Software: WPS Office, Keynote, Word, PowerPoint (PPT), Excel

Manage Your Font Data in the Cloud

Upload Fonts: If you want to use fonts already installed on your computer on another computer, the Font app can help. The Font app has a cloud font library feature where you can upload your font packages. They will be stored on the Font app's cloud server, and you can find them in the cloud library when you log in to your Font app account on another computer.


Team Sharing: If you're part of a design team, the Font app's cloud font library allows team members to share fonts, making them available to everyone. This is much faster than sending font packages to each member and urging them to download them, right?



A great Font app does more than provide fonts for designers; it makes selecting, using, and managing fonts easier while considering designers' needs for teamwork and mobile office work. Save time and boost efficiency. If these features are what you need, download Fontapp now.

Use Free Fonts Now

If you want to use Free Google Fonts instantly, download FontApp now!

With FontApp, you can access Google Fonts with just one click, without downloading or installing them. In addition to over 6000 Google Fonts, FontApp includes hundreds of other free fonts that you can easily search, filter, and use in software like PS, AI, Sketch, and more.

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