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How to get Fonts for Commercial Use

Whether you're a freelance designer or working in a corporate marketing department, having access to fonts for commercial use is crucial. Before using any font  for commercial use, it's essential to ensure you have the appropriate license. What are the licenses associated with fonts for commercial use, and how can you obtain them? This article will explain in detail.


Fonts for Commercial Use and Their Licenses


Every font comes with its own usage license, which can be seen as an agreement between the font creator and the user. These rules typically cover all aspects of font usage. This includes fonts for commercial usage such as modifying and creating derivative works, distributing and embedding the font files, and more common scenarios for designers like creating commercial posters, print materials, and video advertisements.


Using fonts for commercial use without the proper license, especially for commercial purposes, can lead to legal action from the copyright holder, potentially resulting in significant financial penalties. Therefore, every designer must ensure they have the appropriate license for any font they use.


Licenses for Fonts for Commercial Use

Fonts can be divided into two categories based on whether you need to pay for their licenses. Open-source fonts generally indicate that you can use fonts for commercial use for free. There are several internationally recognized open-source font licenses, including the SIL Open Font License and the Apache License.


  • SIL Open Font License (OFL): This is one of the most well-known open-source font licenses. You will often see it used with Google Fonts and fonts on GitHub. It allows for free commercial use of the fonts, including creating derivative fonts, distributing them freely, bundling them for sale, and embedding them without cost. However, it requires retaining the original author’s copyright notice and font name.
  • Apache License: This license also allows for free commercial use of fonts. Unlike the OFL, the Apache License grants a free, perpetual patent license to contributors, ensuring the author's copyright is protected. Additionally, if you modify the font, you must include a notice of all changes when you distribute your work.


Another type of license is the Commercial License, necessary when using paid fonts.


  • Commercial License: You must pay a fee to use the font for commercial use. This type of license acts like a contract, specifying the payment amount, the scope of font usage, any usage restrictions, and often includes liability and warranty clauses, ensuring safe and compliant commercial use of the fonts.


How to get Font Licenses

Understanding the connection between font licenses and fonts for commercial use is crucial. Here are several ways to obtain font licenses or confirm that you can use a font for commercial use:

  1. Check Font Details: Font websites often include clear information about the license and whether the font requires payment. You can also check the EULA (End User License Agreement) file included with the font download, if available.
  2. Contact the Copyright Holder or Sales Platform: This is the most secure but also the most cumbersome method. If there is no clear indication that the font can be used for commercial use, it's best to contact the copyright holder or sales platform for confirmation.
  3. Free Font Platforms like Google Fonts: All fonts on Google Fonts are open-source and can be used for commercial use, as long as you comply with the open-source license terms. You can use Google Fonts without worry.
  4. Font Management Tools like Fontapp: Currently, all fonts available on Fontapp are free for commercial use, including Google Fonts and other open-source fonts. You can use any font in Fontapp for commercial purposes.

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In summary, before using a font for commercial use, you need to know what type of license the font follows and whether you have that license. The simplest approach is to use open-source fonts, such as those available on Fontapp, where you can freely use the fonts for commercial use.

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