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Font Management Instead of Font Download

Most designers still rely on font download to expand their font library. While this is common practice, there might be more convenient and suitable alternatives for modern work environments. In this article, I will introduce a font management tool that allows you to change font styles with just one click, eliminating the need to download and install font packages.


Font Download May Not Be Convenient for Work

This is especially true for today's designers. Why is that? When you frequently engage in font download, you may encounter several issues, such as:

  1. Difficulty Managing Large Numbers of Fonts: Designers often accumulate a vast collection of fonts. However, your computer does not automatically organize and categorize these fonts for you. Browsing through them without order can waste a lot of your time.
  2. Difficulty Tracking Font Licenses: Even if you have commercial licenses for paid fonts, other designers who receive these fonts might not be aware of them. Due to communication gaps, it becomes increasingly difficult to track license compliance as fonts are shared. A safer method to avoid such misunderstandings is needed.
  3. Inability to Sync Fonts After Changing Computers: When you rely on font download to just one computer, they won't sync when you switch to another device. So why not create a cloud library for your fonts?


How to Manage Your Fonts with a Cloud Library

To solve the management and synchronization issues associated with font download, using a font management tool with a cloud font library is the best solution. This is where Fontapp comes in—a designer's handy font manager offering these features:

  1. Manage Local Fonts: Fontapp can read fonts already downloaded to your computer. You can create groups, add tags, and filter by style within Fontapp according to your preferences. This saves time when you need to find a specific font.
  2. Cloud Font Upload and Download: Fontapp provides a cloud font library feature for each account. When you need to switch computers, you can upload your font packages to your cloud library. Wherever you are, logging into your Fontapp account lets you use these fonts. If you work in a team, the cloud library allows font sharing among team members.
  3. Fontstore: Fontapp not only manages fonts but also includes a large Fontstore. Currently, it hosts over 6,000 fonts, all free and open-source, sourced from Google Fonts and other third-party studios and individual designers. With convenient filtering options, you’ll never have to worry about lacking fonts.

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How Does Fontapp Work Without Font Download?

Fontapp's highlight is that it enables you to change font styles without font download. Here’s how it works:

  1. Activate with One Click: When you want to use a font, find it in Fontapp and click the round button next to it. When the button background turns blue, the font is activated. Activated fonts will appear in the font selection box of various software applications.
  2. One-Click Font Change: Fontapp is compatible with many design software applications, including Adobe PS, AI, XD, PR, Figma, Sketch, and Keynote. When using these applications, simply select the text or text layer in the software, then click the font in Fontapp to change it to your desired style. It’s incredibly convenient.



When using fonts, designers need to consider many factors, such as team collaboration, device switching, and license compliance. For these needs, a font management tool like Fontapp offers greater efficiency and security compared to the traditional method of font download.

Use Free Fonts Now

If you want to use Free Google Fonts instantly, download FontApp now!

With FontApp, you can access Google Fonts with just one click, without downloading or installing them. In addition to over 6000 Google Fonts, FontApp includes hundreds of other free fonts that you can easily search, filter, and use in software like PS, AI, Sketch, and more.

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