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6 Ways to Determine Font Featrues from Font Names

You might not realize it, but font name can reveal a lot of information! A font name can give you a preliminary understanding of its features even before you see its appearance. In this article, I'll introduce the common logic and keywords used in font names, along with some examples.


1. Copyright Information in Font Names

Some well-known type foundries include their company's abbreviation in the font names, making it easy for users to recognize them. If designers appreciate the quality of these fonts, it increases their trust in the foundry.Examples include:

  • MT: Monotype, such as Times New Roman MT Std
  • LT: Linotype, such as Avenir Next LT Pro (since Linotype has been acquired by Monotype, most fonts with LT are now under Monotype)
  • TC: International Typeface Corporation, such as TC Conduit (also acquired by Monotype)
  • FF: FontFont, such as FF DIN
  • MS: Microsoft, such as Arial Unicode MS

2. Languages Supported by the Font

Some font names directly indicate the languages they support.

  • Thai: For Thai language, such as Noto Sans Thai
  • JP: Abbreviation for Japanese, such as IBM Plex Sans JP (similarly, KR for Korean, SC for Simplified Chinese, TC for Traditional Chinese)
  • Pro: Short for Professional, supporting over 40 European languages including English, French, German, Turkish, and Hungarian, such as Readex Pro

3. Font Type in Font Names

Designers often include common terms representing the font type and characteristics in the font names, saving time for other designers in the selection process.

  • Serif: Common for formal settings and print, such as Source Serif
  • Sans: Short for Sans-Serif, symbolizing simplicity and modernity, such as Open Sans
  • Slab: Short for Slab-Serif, known for their thick serifs, such as Roboto Slab
  • Script: Mimics handwriting, often with connected strokes, such as Pinyon Script
  • Rounded: Sans-serif with rounded strokes, such as Rounded Mplus
  • Display: For aesthetic titles and large headings, such as Playfair Display
  • Mono: Short for Monospaced, with uniform character widths, such as Oxygen Mono

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4. Classic Font in Font Names

Many fonts are inspired by well-known classic fonts, and designers include these names to pay homage to the classics.

  • Garamond: Old-style serif, with followers like Cormorant Garamond
  • Baskerville: Transitional serif, with followers like Libre Baskerville
  • Bodoni: Classic Didone style, with followers like Bodoni Moda
  • Franklin Gothic: Grotesque sans-serif, with followers like Libre Franklin

5. Font Style in Font Names

Family fonts share the same base name with different style suffixes, much like family members sharing a surname. Examples include:

Actually, there are other descriptors such as Extra Light, Extra Bold, Heavy, Outline, and so on. In short, you can guess the general appearance of a font through these terms.


A font's name is not just a label; it often contains valuable information about the font's manufacturer, style, language support, and variations. This can help you make an initial selection and form an overall impression before exploring the font further. I highly recommend paying attention to these naming conventions!

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